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How it all began

Growing up in the south, Iced Tea was a staple in every refrigerator that I frequented.  It didn't matter if I went to my Granny's or was at home.  If there wasn't a pitcher of tea in there it would be in the process of brewing.  The first question asked when guests arrived is would you like a glass of tea.  Of course, it was black tea and very sweet.  


​When I became an adult I followed the tradition, but discovered I enjoyed a cup of hot tea in the evenings.  Anywhere I found a new blend I would buy it to try out the new flavor combination.  

I created Tulsi Rose to provide you with a one stop shop of tea and all of the wonderful accessories you might need in one place.  My goal is to not only provide access to all of the different varieties of black, green, white, and herbal teas out there, but also to share what I have learned on the amazing health benefits you can have by drinking tea.

I hope you enjoy the many combinations made available to you and as I continue finding new amazing blends, I will spotlight them for you to try. 

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