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24 oz teapot that is perfect for loose leaf tea and teabags. The teapot, which is made from premium stoneware, has a beautiful crackle glaze exterior finish. The interior of the teapot is white. The teapot has a stainless steel lid/strainer. The strainer is made from ultra-fine mesh stainless steel.


To use add loose leaf tea or teabags and then pour in hot water. Once the tea has finished steeping you can pour the tea out into your favorite cup. The strainer lid will prevent the loose leaf tea from exiting into your tea.


You can brew most teas more than one time. Just add hot water and steep again.


Easy to use and no mess.


The teapot is BPA, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

***Do not put the stainless steel lid in the microwave.


Available colors: Slate Blue Crackle or Turquoise Crackle

CeramicTeapot Infuser with Strainer Lid

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