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This nurturing infusion has been expertly designed to provide comfort and support during your journey of motherhood. The rich warmth of red rooibos blends seamlessly with the soothing notes of lemon balm, creating a cup of calm indulgence. Raspberry leaf and fenugreek seed contribute their traditional benefits, while fennel seed and anise seed add a touch of aromatic sweetness. Alfalfa leaf and marshmallow root contribute their gentle nature, while rosehips lend a delicate tang to this harmonious blend.


Caffeine Content:  None


Country of Origin:  USA


Ingredients: Red rooibos tea*, raspberry leaf*, lemon balm*, fenugreek seed*, fennel seed*,  alfalfa leaf*, marshmallow root*, rosehips*, and anise seed* (*denotes organic cultivation)


Preparation: brew 2 teaspoons with 8 ounces of water at 203-212 F for 3-5 minutes.

Organic Nurturing Bloom Rooibos Tea Blend

SKU: 17-00050-17
1 Ounce
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