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In the realm of tea, the unique qualities of African teas have transformed into exquisite rarities. In today's export landscape, the dominant force is CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) teas, overshadowing the traditional orthodox qualities that once flourished. Amidst this shift, only a handful of highland tea estates, namely Kaproret, Saramek, and Chemase, persevere in cultivating hybrids of Chinese tea bushes. These estates stand as the last bastions of authenticity in a sea of change.


The allure of these teas lies not only in their limited availability but also in the exceptional quality they bring to the cup. Despite the formidable demand, the yields remain modest. Yet, through steadfast and time-honored partnerships, we have succeeded in securing the finest offerings from the second plucking period. This delicate balance between supply and demand ensures that only the true connoisseurs can savor these remarkable brews.


Distinguished by their resplendent golden-brown leaf tips, the teas from Kaproret, Saramek, and Chemase cast a mesmerizing spell. The hue of their liquor, a radiant orange, paints a vivid canvas for your senses. As the liquid touches your lips, a symphony of flavors unfolds – strong, yet elegantly nuanced. A subtle floral note dances on your palate, a tribute to the artistry of the cultivators who tend these precious leaves.


Caffeine Content:  High


Country of Origin:  Africa


Ingredients: Black tea 


Preparation: brew 1 teaspoon with 6 ounces of water at 203-212 F for 4-5 minutes.

Kenya "Kaproret" Black Tea

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