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This system includes: --One heavy duty, very fine mesh, dutch weave stainless steel filter that fits a wide mouth (3″ internal diameter) Mason jar.


-Two different silicone seals

-One wide mouth stainless steel lid to make everything leak proof and dishwasher safe.


Use it to make cold brew coffee or iced coffee concentrate, hot or iced tea, nut milk, infused water or alcohol, or to filter or strain any liquid – all right in the jar!


3 sizes available to fit Wide Mouth Mason jars:

--Pint filter for 16oz Wide Mouth jars

--Quart filter for 32oz or 24oz (Pint & Half) Wide Mouth jars

--Half Gallon filter for 64oz Wide Mouth jars


Use this filter system to make delicious cold brewed coffee and steep loose leaf tea for the perfect, smooth beverage any time of year! 

Cold Brew Mason Jar Tea Maker

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