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Our Roasted Dandelion Root is a must-have for any herbal tea collection. The roots are carefully selected and gently roasted to bring out their full and rich flavor, resulting in a deep, nutty taste with a slightly bitter finish.


This organic and caffeine-free herbal infusion offers numerous health benefits, including liver support, digestive aid, and antioxidant properties.


Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or a delicious and relaxing evening beverage, this roasted dandelion root tea is the perfect choice. Add it to your cart now and enjoy the natural goodness of this refreshing and nutrient-packed herbal tea.



No Artificial Ingredients


Non Irradiated


Botanical Name Taraxacum officinale


Country of Origin:  China


Roasted Dandelion Root Granules

SKU: 734 / 089836007346
1 Ounce
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